mini2440 cannot ping to other IP address

Hi there,

I connected to wifi module succesfully and access google OK.

But i dont know i can't ping to my laptop which connect to Wifi module,

Please help me.

Best regards

Well, on your mini2440 type in ifconfig on the command line and note the IP
address (

Then on your laptop type in ifconfig (Linux) or ipconfig (Windows) and see
what its IP address is.

On the mini2440 type in ping address_of_your_laptop

I imagine you can access the WWW from your laptop.

Can you ping from your mini2440?

Are both the mini2440 and the laptop on the same subnet?

Were you able to ping across your wired interface (eth0) BEFORE you got
your WiFi working?

If so, can you still ping across your wired interface?

Not ping other IP
resolve.conf inside data is 
 please tell me the solution.

Can you ping ?

Is Busybox ping compiled into the kernel?

I had to use inetutils version of ping, as the Busybox version either
didn't work or didn't have a feature I needed.

Thought I had better check my resolv.conf (note the spelling) and I don't
have in there (anymore) however I have the addresses of my local
name servers, ie and

Hello davef,
 I have changed nameserver to to in resolv.conf

Hello Davef,
Ping is IP also ping but local IP cannot ping.

You had better describe your whole setup there:

ifconfig of the mini2440?
ifconfig of the Linux host or ipconfig of a Windows host?
IP address of any routers (ADSL or wirless)and
your port forwarding rules on the router?

For example:

- mini2440 connected to a switching hub
- PC connected to the switching hub
- switching hub connected to ??

And then which unit (mini2440/PC) can ping what.