wince s3c6410 driver Open gles2 for Qt 4.7.3

wince6 s3c6410 driver Open gles2
I am try to compile open gl es 2 with Qt 4.7.3 to wince (s3c6410).
I have a problem to compile embedded gui for Qt 4.7.3 because to driver
opengl es2 for samsung.


Gabriel BOnato

Dave McLaughlin
Posting your question 3 times is not going to get you help any faster.
Please don't do this.

You do not provide any information to what the problem is?

Please post any error output from the compiler so people can see what is

The more information you give, the more chance someone can help you.

gabriel bonato
Sorry, Dave.
I had a problem in my internet connection, so I posted one more time.
You have used opengl es 2 qt for the s3c6410, you could direct me to a
version that I can use.

Thank you for your consideration

Gabriel Bonato

mohsine hanane
I have a problem in my device ( analyzer biolyzer 100) .The display is
black, I contact the supplier told me i must restore windows (WinCE 4.7), I
have followed the procedure but its not working always the screen is black
i needs your help rather the possible and thank you.