How to run projects in IDE

Can anybody advice me how to use sample projects for tiny210 (No OS)? There
is nothing about it in UM!!! It is a shame to have such poor manufacturer
documentation! There is nothing but the installation оf OS. 

Source files? What should i do with them? Which IDE i shold use and how to
config it?

You mean the documentation that's on the downloads page?  Or are you on
about the gcc compiler?  you know the one, on the DVD?

I mean this "This section lists some sample Linux programs for usersí
You can find those programs under "/opt/FriendlyARM/tiny210/examples".All
following programs are compiled with arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp. We donít
guarantee they
can be compiled and run with other corss compilers."
It was found after hours in google.

someone adopt manual for mini210.

There are instructions in the No OS/reference folder on the dvd, you can
translate it with google translate.

you can actually use any IDE you choose, but to compile the source code all
you need is the 'arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp' compiler, add the path to
arm-linux-gcc to your $PATH env var, go into the source folder that you
want to compile and 'make'.