how to Load supervivi to NOR flash mini2440?

I have bought a new Jlink V8 segger and i wanna load supervivi to Nor flash
mini2440. Because of yesterday, i ported linux to mini2440 and get mistake.
I have searched google but i cant find out file :

Please help me. Sorry about my english :(

JTAGingtheNOR.pdf at is the usual method using the parallel
port "wriggler" supplied with the product.

I don't know anything about the Jlink V8 segger and never heard of

Google has lots of hits for s3c2440a_embedclub.jflash



hi davef,

thanks for your help. I cant download from that site @.@ although i tried. 

I search google and find in guide fiel name: s3c2440a_embedclub.jflash but
i dont find it in DVD enclose mini2440. 

Perhaps i will try as your help.

Best regards,


Titus Breidung
1. Download "J-Flash Arm" from Seggers website
2. Connect JLink to mini2440, switch mini2440 to "NOR boot" and turn on
3. Start "J-Flash Arm", let all options on automatic
4. Load the supervivi128.bin
5. Select in Menu: Target - Auto or just press F7

Worked for my JLink and mini2440 with Spansion NOR chip

Hi Titus Breidung,

thanks for your help. Would you please show me where download
supervivi128.bin file ? 

In only has supervivi-128M but hasn't supervivi128.bin 

Best regards, 


Titus Breidung
You'll find it on the mini2440 DVD or at the FriendlyArm download page:

You have to select the right supervivi according to your mini2440's NAND

For mini2440 with 64MB NAND size use supervivi-64M and for mini2440 with
128MB or more NAND size the supervivi-128M

Good luck!

Titus Breidung
Sorry, did not read your last posting well. supervivi-128M =

hi all, 

i am trying to connect mini2440 jtag with hjtag software via USB to
parallel cable but Hjtag cannot detect my mini2440 (arm920T).

I used USB to parallell cable of UNITEK
my cable always display " USB printing support " and HJTAG cannot open USB

Please help me. Thank all so much.

I think that i can load restore supervivi for NOR Flash via SD card instead
of HJtag. That's right? 

Plese show me guide :)

Titus Breidung
No, you can not do it via SD as far as i know. Maybe you can access the NOR
from OS loaded by NAND, but replacing the bootloader in NOR would not be
easy in this way.

The HTAG wiggler can not be used over a USB to parallel adapter. You need a
"real" LPT.

hi Titus,

I have been bought a new card Pci to Lpt because my computer have not lpt
port. and i still cannot connect hjtag to mini 2440. Seem to  my config
Hjtag are wrong.

please help me why ;(

Titus Breidung
Did you follow the instructions in

Please describe how you tried connection and what was the problem.

hi all,

i loaded supervivi to Nor flash via Jlink v8 and Jlink soffware. 

i choose addres to load 0x30000000 and load successfully.

But when i port linux to mini2440 has error: Failed to excute linuxrc..

I ported linux via minicom and i wanna use for qt4 application 

Please help me

Hi voiconvuive,

Can you upload your "s3c2440a_embedclub.jflash" file?
How to Flash supervivi to Nor flash via J-link V8 and J-link software?

Best regards.