Using Qt for VNC Server

I want to use VNC client on Win32 machine to view the application on
mini2440 and control it.

I follow the article to build my QtEmbedded cross-compile environment.
And the compiler work well without vnc support.

I also cross-compile the example on the page 'analogclock',
but it can't run as a VNC server on mini2440,
as the messages below: 

[root@FriendlyARM /www]# ./analogclock -qws &
[root@FriendlyARM /www]# pkill analogclock 
[root@FriendlyARM /www]# ./analogclock -qws -display VNC:0  
VNC: driver not found
[1] + Terminated                 ./analogclock -qws
[root@FriendlyARM /www]# 

First two command shows the application can work well as a normal Qt
application, then I launch it with '-display' parameter and it shows the
message 'VNC: driver not found'.

Did I lost something to do on mini2440? set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or copy some
library to mini2440? 

btw, my Qt version is Qt-4.6.3

Thank you for your help

Answer by myself   XD

I set the environment

and copy compiled in path

[root@FriendlyARM /www]# ./analogclock -qws -display VNC:1
QVNCServer created on port 5901
Client protocol version RFB 003.003


How did you manage to get library and gfxdrivers directory ?
I included -qt-gfx-vnc option in configure command but it doesn't give me
that library and that directory after running make install command.
Whats wrong?

Guys please help me ...

Sunny Leone
Dear Majil,

You need to compile your Qt4.8.5 with -qt-gfx-vnc option. This will create
plugin(not library) file.

run your application as ccumaya has suggested.
use export QWS_DISPLAY=VNC:size=320x240:depth=32:0
and app -qws will run your application as VNC server on 5900 port.

VNC on Qt support only "true color". Be aware of that on Windows.

Dear Sunny, 
Like I said I did compile with -qt-gfx-vnc option but I didn't see any new
library or even plugin.
Where should I check for the plugin? 
Although I tried with Qt4.7.0 not Qt4.8.5 . Does it matter?

Sandeep Sondagar
There will not be any lib file for -qt-gfx-vnc on 4.8.* versions. so you
don't need to copy any extra file. Just copy your
[path-to-cross-compilled-qt]\lib and plug-ins directory and launch your
application on vnc driver using "-display "VNC::" option.

Correct me if i am wrong.

Well my board already has Qt4.7.0 so I'd really apprecaite it if you could
consider this version of Qt. 
I did run compile Qt4.7.0 with -qt-gfx-vnc option but there is not any
files containing the name vnc in plugins directory. So is it ok to just
copy this directory to board and replace it with the current one?

Sandeep Sondagar

You can try with replacing new Directory. I am not sure whether it will
work or not for 4.7.0.

Good enough Sandeep 
Just tell me something. When you compile Qt 4.8.* with -qt-gfx-vnc option
do you see any files in plugins directory containing the name "vnc" or not?
I mean any file that has "vnc" name in it. 
Thank you.

Sandeep Sondagar

Sunny Leone
Hello Majil.