No os for mini 210s

tan le
Dear FriendlyARM!
I have a question. Can I use "2440test" for "mini210s" board?
Because i don't see "the No Os chapter" in the mini210s manual.
If can, How to step by step to program with "No OS" by "mini210s Board".
Thank you!

You can convert it. Mini210s has an A8 Cortex with is ARMHF instruction set
and Mini2440 is ARMEL. ARMEL will run but you need to recompile with the
tool chain set up for the 210 and headers for the Mini210s anyway -
addresses of I/O are not the same.

I could swear I saw no-OS for 210. I will look around.

Hi all.
No OS for mini210s works and works fine (I mean interrupts too).
But it seems to me that S5PV210 SoC doesn't support the Software Interrupts
iROM takes care of IRQs and doesn't let the vector for 0x8 to be installed.
Installing the ISR on address 0xD0037408 doesn't work. Instead 0x38 address
(???) leads to SWI.
Undefined code, Data Abort, Prefetch Abort cannot be serviced too.
The reasonable question is arising: to whom the mini210s board is intended?
For playing with Android? But there are a lot of pads and phones that are
better and chipper!
Before trying no OS for that stuff please think twice to avoid headashes.