Creating a stand alone program on FriendlyARM how to do ??

we have a program .bin.

We are able to make uImage using mkimage.

Will uboot take this up and boot from there?

I am not using mmc; using only the flash in kit Micro 2440 NAND 256MB.

Any suggestions on how to go about it is appreciated.

Does the already existing supervivi help in making the program work when
the kit is switched on?

I am asking this because we have to do " download and run" option in dnw
(on Windows XP) to see the program run on the kit.

Is there any solution to make it permanent download and run at the boot
time? Just like the linux that runs on NAND flash?

Kindly provide with suggestions.

Thank you

I have installed uboot in the kit and then trying to put uimage in there
that uboot can take up to load.

uboot is already installed and 0x30000000 address

I tell mkimage with load address 0x32000000 entry point 0x32001000
got my uImage

I go back to minicom and press q
i get to supervivi shell

i tell it to 
load flash 0x32000000 907516
(907516 is my uImage size)

i use usbpush and send my uImage

it says downloaded file at 0x30000000

--why so--?  I had mentioned start addr as 0x32000000 for uImage --

then it says "failed"

--suggest some solutions please--

Unless you have a reason why the three different addresses"

Have a look at this:

... and maybe settle for one address 0x31000000

Be aware you need a u-boot version that will work with 256M as the erase
block size is bigger than the 64M variant.

Thanks for the link davef

I have followed the steps mentioned except for the file system "jffs". i am
not putting a complete kernel but only a small binary file that otherwise
works with the NOR mode in the friendlyARM kit. This binary i have
transformed to uImage as per the guidelines mentioned. I have used only one
address 0x31000000 everywhere. In fact I was surprised to see my values
matching exactly with that mentioned in the link provided above. I do not
have mmc and take my uimage to ram; load ram 0x31000000 size and put

I skipped the filesystem part and put the uImage in nand write.e kernel
space.  My uboot (again) loads perfectly and says that uImage format is
wrong/ unknown type. and so on. 

The terminal response is as follows :-
U-Boot 1.3.2-mini2440 (Feb 24 2010 - 13:04:49)                             
I2C:   ready                                                               
DRAM:  64 MB                                                               
Flash:  2 MB                                                               
NAND:  Bad block table not found for chip 0                                
Bad block table not found for chip 0                                       
256 MiB                                                                    
Found Environment offset in OOB..                                          
USB:   S3C2410 USB Deviced                                                 
In:    serial                                                              
Out:   serial                                                              
Err:   serial                                                              
MAC: 08:08:11:18:12:27                                                     
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0                                           
Loading from NAND 256MiB 3,3V 8-bit, offset 0x60000                        
** Unknown image type                                                      
Wrong Image Format for bootm command                                       
ERROR: can't get kernel image!     


Is my uImage creation wrong?
this is the mkimage command i did.

mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x31000000 -d ./2440test.bin


thanks in advance for advices and suggestions

sudo ./uboot/mini2440/tools/mkimage A arm O linux -T kernel -C none a
0x30008000 e 0x30008000 -d kernel-bin/arch/arm/boot/zImage output/uImage

There is a link on the 
Downloads page to the Wiki and a tutorial I wrote years ago (which probably
has errors) but there is the above line, which might help.

Your syntax looks quite different.

You appear to be doing something I am not familiar with, ie not loading a
Linux kernel into the kernel partition.  Maybe, mkimage adds some header
information that u-boot doesn't recognise. 

Can you load a known working kernel?

Maybe, the StartOS thread on this site will provide some help in loading
non-Linux images.