TINY210V2, touch screen does not work

Jörg Droß

I want to use the Tiny210V2 with Win CE 6.0, but the touch screen does not
work. What can I do there, I bought the board because of the touch screen.
Can anyone here help with my problem?

Greetings Jörg

Is that the capacitive touch screen ?

It needs a tweak to the BSP. If you figure it our before the guys at FA,
let us know.

Running into the same problem with Mini210s and a 4.3" capacitive
touchscreen! A warning would have been great.

I'm completely aggressive on the warning !
In fact I have emailed sales before purchase to confirm that the 7" cap
screen works with wince6, response stated that yes. 
Now I'm stuck here for who knows how long until update made available. 

My touch works but acting like the screen is 320x240, cannot find any way
how to overcome on this. 
Bsp set to the correct resolution !

Same here. Tiny210V2 with Win CE 6.0 7" capacitive touch screen.  Anybody
got the touch screen working?

try arm9home.net look for the tiny210/mini210 dvd update, it's on baidu.

anyone have the necessary update files to fix this? I dont need the whole