Tiny6410 interrupt of Timer

I'm working on Tiny6410. I use a timer 0 in my program. When it comes to
the Timer 0 interrupt, my code in the processor and restart from the
beginning. In what could be the reason?

Program with timer 0 without interrupting the installation works fine.

I'm writing a function ISR address in the interrupt vector timer 0.
   VIC0VECTADDR =(unsigned)my_time;

I'm authorize the Timer 0 interrupt executed:
   IntEnable=IntEnable | 0x800000;

and set Timer 0 interrupt:

That I have not installed?

Hi, I'm trying to configure the timer0, or timer2 in my C code, but I can't
compile the code because more than 100 errors appears after compilation.
Please could you help me and send the timer ini code?

Ashkan HGT
Hi Faust_256

I'm working on the same timer (Timer0) as you utilized in your project, but
i can't come to interrupt service routine.
would you mine explain more what initialization did you use for your Timer0
and your VIC?

Sudhanshu Mehta
hi all ,

 please share if you are able to use timer.