Driver (PWM) and Real Time Applications

Hi all,

we would like to use the Friendly ARM dev board for controlling an
autonomous robot and avoiding obstacles and stream live video using a

Are there any recommended real time operating systems that still preserves
the BSP and available libraries and packages Linux offers?

Secondly, I'm still fairly new to this embedded linux thing.  I looked at
the sample pwm code provided and I noticed that it opens the /dev/pwm and
calls ioctl based on this file.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on where or how the register
config bits are set, where the documentation for these functions are, such
as using ioctl ,and how to select the pwm channel, frequency and duty cycle
etc etc etc?

many thanks!

Did you tried RT_PREEMPT or Xenomai or eCos for your real time application?


leena kamal
thnks for this information

Uilian Ries
I created a pwm driver to use with gpb1.
At my code has comments to help.

Look in datasheet and compare with the code, is easy to understand.

Good luck.

Hi Uilian 
   Is this driver compatible with 3.xx kernels. 
Sample user space code?
How do I integrate this driver with my kernel?