The Wingston blog for mini2440

I followed the tutorial wingz to install and experiment with Qt ptxdist on
mini2440. But his blog no longer exists. It seems qu'ila been hacked and

It was the only online tutorial to install Qt and ptxdist target for
mini2440 and I miss him a lot.

I sent emails but no answer ..

Do you know what became of him?

I think Juergen has a contact.  I didn't save that tutorial :(

Juergen Beisert
Longer time ago Wingston told me he has a backup of this page, but whenever
he restores the page, some kind of malware destroys it again. He didn't
update me since this last mail.

Thank you for this news.
 It is a shame he is no longer there because he gave good advice to start
with Qt ptxdist on mini2440.

He has started a commercial Linux training business and replaced the web
site. I asked for a copy quite a while ago and can ask again.

It would be nice. Let me know please.
+ +

Wingston has sent me all the blog material in the form of docs and Linux
texts and a git repository. Any ideas on best place to host it?

Juergen Beisert
We have some public space on our Pengutronix-GIT server. What is in the GIT
Bummer! Would be much better if Wingston could continue his great job. :(

Any news about possible hosting of his material ?

Anyone who wants to put it up, email me armworks at gmail

I'll try to reach you Juergen.