About bad block problem in EM2440-III

Hi, I am using EM2440-III board for linux development. I have 3 boards of
Samsung EM2440-III. I want to load linux image into it. I have followed all
steps as per manual. In one board it work successfully. But other two
boards give error about bad block. NAND Scrub is also unable to erase bad
blocks. So can u solve my problem.
I am using images of RAM 64MB versions. 

Thank You in Advance.

Can any one help me about my problem posted above. Please tell me if u
require additional information.


Titus Breidung
Can you please provide some more informations about the bootloader you are
using? This is a FriendlyArm forum, the board you are using is different
from FriendlyArm's board.

Bad blocks are finally. After band scrub you create normally a new bad
block table with "nand createbbt" when using u-boot as boot loader. This
prevents that bad block are tried to been written. If the image is too
large for the rest of good blocks, it can't be written.

Hi Titus Breidung,
I am using u-boot 1.1.6 if u want more information then please tell me, and
suggest me if any solution following is my log while downloading image.

Now, Downloading [ADDRESS:30000000h,TOTAL:45654058]
RECEIVED FILE SIZE:45654058 (94KB/S, 473S)

NAND erase: device 0 offset 0x400000, size 0xfc00000
Skipping bad block at 0x01540000
Skipping bad block at 0x07e00000
Erasing at 0xffe0000 -- 100% complete.

NAND write: device 0 offset 0x400000, size 0x2b8a020
Input block length is not page aligned
Data did not fit into device, due to bad blocks
45654048 bytes written: ERROR

Titus Breidung
Have you used a suffix according to the image type with your write command?

Try nand write.jffs or nand write.jffs2 or nand write.yaffs to flash the

U-boot loading YAFFS2 files was news to me!  I went to the TI site 


and it looks like U-Boot has been able to do this for years!

I was told and therefore told everyone who had similar problems not to use
U-Boot for YAFFS2 images and even asked for people to correct me if I was

No one spoke up!

I haven't used U-boot for over a year now, so as long as Barebox keeps
loading JFFS2 images I'll be happy!