MINI2440 - DM9000 No OS Driver Problem

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Hi Everyone!

I'm currently working on a Ethernet Driver(DM9000) for Application Specific
(No OS) development, but i'm a bit stuck and stated to believe that my
DM9000 is defective.

So i'm here to ask for who have a MINI2440 board to test this small test
build to confirm or dismiss this hypothesis.

Please just Download And Run the attached bin with DNW and post what was
the result.

it should be something like this:

DM9000 ChipId is 90000A46
DM9000 ID correct

Thanks in advance!

Why not reload Linux to test your DM9000? It only takes a couple minutes.
DNW steps X V K Y.

Thanks, problem solved, it was wrong MMU settings!

I have a similar problem. I am trying to read out the chip ID for
the DM9000. Every time I try to read it after a reset - the first address
reads correctly then the next one reads the same thing. 

ax = dm9000_reg_read(0x0028);
bx = dm9000_reg_read(0x0029);

Uart_Printf("VIDL is %x\n", ax);
Uart_Printf("VIDH is %x\n", bx);

Both Uart outputs will read 46. 

If I read 29 first they both read 0a and ect. I think this is some kind of
timing set up problem. Any ideas ?

Never mind - I got it working..