For Sale - shipment to the Benelux only


because making the mini2440 to do what I want takes me to much time. Just
bought 2 miniPC's with Debian which will do what I want.

I have 2 pieces of the Mini2440 with 1 G Nand and W35 sceen, in good
condition, without software for  130,- excluding shipment.

If interested, send me an email at benzandstra at

Just for your information you can run debian also on the mini2440 and it
works really well, see: and

Hi stereo_m

Thanks for your reply. The topic 1598 links do not work. 

I did succeed to get Debian running from the board but within half an hour
I got out of memory because there is no swap available.

The other link at did give some more success. There where
some errors to fix, like the tftp command before booting and being unable
to create filesystems on a mounted SD card. Finally I got a working SD card
but the system did not boot. Then I used the printenv which gave me about
27 most different environment settings from previous versions and tests. I
had to remove all the settings with the setenv command without parameter
and then used the setenv parameters from the page. It still
did not boot (error like not the right format for uImage) after which I
used the environment settings from the debian howto from David Lewin. 

mini2440# setenv bootargs console=ttySAC0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2
rootfstype=ext3 mini2440=3tb rootdelay=3 init=/bin/sh

mini2440# setenv bootcmd mmcinit \; fatload mmc 0:1 0x31000000
uImage \; bootm 0x31000000

To my big surprise the Mini2440 finally booted Debian. Did run the
finishing touches from the page and rebooted the system.
Started with the console connected, could see the prompt without problems.

Entered something easy like apt-get update, and I was rewarded with a big
lot of Buffer I/O errors on device mmcblk0p2 (my ext3 FS)...

Thought things where easier when done the second time so I did remove the
partitions from the SD card, created new ones, made a uImage on boot and a
filesystem on /sde2 and rebooted the mini2440.

Now, the system halts after about 400 Buffer I/O errors on device mmcblk0p2
: No filesystem could be mount root, tried: ext3
Kernel Panic not syncing: VFS unable to mount rootfs on unknown block

I have been trying this on micro-sdhc card with adapter, 1 GB SD card from
2007, and a 4 GB SD card with 133x speed. All gave me problems.

So, after recalculating my time, I have spent about 80 hours with no

If anyone has a ready to go system and is able to send me a working SD card
and the boot parameters I will be happy to try again.

For this moment, I'm awaiting 2 miniservers with 80 Gig HDD and 4 USB 2.0,
LAN and VGA with 14 Watt power consumption. Going to install the same
Debian as I'm running on my barebone I'm typing this message on. That would
be the easiest way to have a low power consuming system to serve 2 webcams
with Motion, and one ham radio equipment with hamlib and darkice.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,


@ Ben,

Nice to know that you will have soon a 14Watt power consumption PC in
replacement of mini2440 as miniserver. Would you mind to share your PC


@ Ben,

I mean PC config or details such as motherboard brand/model#(for embedded
app?), built-in HDD and so on....or you just bought a complete set PC? and
what is the brand name and model#?


@ Speed

Perhaps you have to translate it from Dutch to English :

I did choose the version without OS and with 80GB HDD. It would be about 4
Watts more then the 14 Watt with the flashdisk.

Kind regards,