lftp cross-compilation for arm-linux

I've tried to cross compile lftp (lftp.yar.ru) with arm-linux but the
configure command always stops with the message: 

"checking for readline... configure: error: need installed readline-devel

The readline (libreadline 6.2) library is already cross-compiled and placed
on the cross-compiler libraries directory, but the error persists.

Any one knows how to correctly cross compile lftp for arm-linux ?

what's your linux OS?my ubuntu system and like you.i want try redhat.

i use the command
./configure --disable-static --host=arm-linux
and you?

Thank you Slinn, but it didn't change anything...

It seems as the compiler cannot find de readline library, even I've
cross-compiled it and put in the armv4t libs dir.

How can I pass the library location to the cross-compiler?

propaply you need readline library on host installed too?
try installing it with apt-get install libreadline-dev ? or
libreadline6-dev, don't know.

If you want to add a specific library with the configure command i think it
should work with
./configure xxxx -L /path/to/library -I /path/to/include

Thank you antifish

"apt-get install libreadline-dev libreadline6 libreadline6-dev
 Use these commands did not solve the problem.I tried before I answer.

"./configure xxxx -L /path/to/library -I /path/to/include"
I will try this method, it is the way I'm looking for.I have been
associated LIBS and INCLUDE,But the format error.

If failed,I will install fedora.I think have readline-devel for redhat or
(fedora16 released today)2011-11-8

Juergen Beisert
"checking for readline... configure: error: need installed readline-devel
package" is from 'configure', not from the compiler. Give 'configure' the
correct paths to your cross compiled readline headers and libraries.

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