Why don't discuss about OK6410

Hi everybody, I bought one FriendlyArm model OK6410 (with Arm11), and I
have an issue to boot via SD card, it reads files but don't boot. I checked
the four micro switches and according to the manual they are in position
correct to boot from SD card but it does not work. It came with Windows
embedded CE  6.0, but it is all in damn  Chinese! I would need to change
the idiom or install other SO (may be in English). I also would like to
discover how to access the bios. Does anyone know why this site don't have
discussion about OK6410 on this forum?

Because the board isnt from FriendlyARM.

as asdf allready sayed, its no from friendlyarm.
actualy it has the same cpu (s3c6410) but propaply not all the ports are
connected as on the mini6410, so your kernel will propaply need another
"mach" file... or if you are lucky, they are 100% compatible (try to
compare the schematics if you find them)

english product pages
http://arm9board.net/sel/prddetail.aspx?id=348&pid=200 (for the ok6410)
http://arm9board.net/sel/prddetail.aspx?id=365&pid=200 (for the ok6410-bh)
(where there are downloads too, like kernel, rootfs)

or the english wiki:

getting started

Yup, it is not from FriendlyARM. Somehow, you or someone gave you the
impression that it is from FriendlyARM. It will still work, but not the way
this forum could resolve.

I bought one as a possible second source item.

The board is OK, the Linux isn't - it comes with a cramfs file system
installed which is quite useless and does not have the ease of file system
loading like the FriendlyArm 6410 - it's back to the dark ages of DNW...

It also does not have Alsa in the distributions and as FriendlyArm have it
all done already I don't see what I have to 'roll my own'.

If you want to update from cramfs to yaffs it's VM time and you have to
install it from the supplied tgz. 

This takes ages, which for my production purposes makes it a complete


Thank you everybody for help.
Well, unfortunately for me it is not from friendlyarm.
I still didn't discover what can I do with this damn chinese WinCE in my
OK6410 board. 
At least I just would like to discover how to change it's language, or
discover how to install some SO in English for it. :(

i am facing the same problem have u find any solution to that problem?

Hi, I had flashed the win CE to english version by using VS2005. anyone who
need help can email me at boochinboon@gmail.com. I will send you the 5
files to be use with the SDwriter.exe. which will self boot.

I have a map OK6410 I want to start the program and then install an inside
but I can not do that someone tells me how his qYes does this map and I
must do to make it work? please help me this is urgent

and what is the language used in this map