convert picture to data arry

i my name is Shay Eliyahu,

i am new in this stuff i want to show my pic in the lcd 240x320
and i read the example code how to see same colors in the lcs
even i saw the sun flower but i want to see my picture and i don't know
how to covert pic (and what kind of picture i need?)
and put it in the code.

please help me i want also to write same text but this will be very hard
job if somone can help me it will be great.

Best regards.

hi shay,

i think you arent looking for a linux splashscreen (as you posted in the NO
OS forum)
so you can upload a picture in the bootloader. im sure theres a option in
the original supervivi, dont know for uboot. must be a "565" image

but here is a little tutorial:

if your os / firmware dont write in the framebuffer the logo will stay at
the lcd "forever"


i need an application that can convert GIF MPEG etc to RGB565 
or samone can help me please how can i write a text on the screan
i know how to show backgraund but not a txt without os.

Best regards.

Shahid Riaz
hi Shay,

Do u have a DVD with you Friendly ARM. There will be ADS1.2, install it and
open the ucos 2 example. Here you will find a file Font_Libs.c. There on
the top u see 

const unsigned short __CHS[]

This is basically CHINESE font. In this file search for __VGA[] keyword. It
is 16 x 8 pixel font. U can also get code from ucos2, how font be written
on the screen. I have printed it with a fine apple background. while cursor
also blink twice in a second and there is no bitmap path error while I
blink cursor or write char or erase char.

 This is the main routine which uses font file as __VGA[]

void Lcd_PutASCII(unsigned int x,unsigned int y,unsigned char ch,unsigned
int c,unsigned int bk_c,unsigned int st)
  unsigned short int i,j;
  unsigned char *pZK,mask,buf;

  pZK = &__VGA[ch*16];
  for( i = 0 ; i < 16 ; i++ )
    mask = 0x80;
    buf = pZK[i];
        for( j = 0 ; j < 8 ; j++ )
            if( buf & mask )
                if( !st )
            mask = mask >> 1;

Best regards.
Shahid Riaz

Simon Doobey
Very interesting thread and honestly I also do not know how it is possible
to convert GIF MPEG etc to RGB565 but I would love to know it. I do have a
lot of flower pictures because I often use flowers on line free delivery ( ) and every time I receive
flowers I shoot a photo and now I also want to convert them but I do not
know how I can do this.

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Hi Shahid Riaz,

    I am working on ADS 1.2 tool & with out OS, I am using EM-2440
board(Samsung ARM9) I am executing NON OS test programs are all fine, now i
am taking TFT lcd(320x240) to display characters, text and different images
on the lcd display. I studied ur above logic that's fine but i want know
about data types what you declared in function such as unsigned int
bk_c,unsigned int st, what are bk-c & st.

    I am attaching LCD source code i.e working only different images
displays and colors. But i need to display character and text on lcd
display how can i write that logic. i am beginner n will waiting for ur