job offer - light sip client for mini2440

Hi All,

I'm looking for a consultant to build a sip client for the board mini2440
for example linphone, twinkle or whatever, better if with no gui (linphone
can run also on command line).

Please let me know your estimated timeline and cost.

Thanks and regards,

Nirav parikh
Hello Ivano/Mike,

I have posted following message to linphone mailing list as well.

I have already worked with mini2440.and did cross compilation of linphone
for s3c2440 ARM-Linux board successfully.
You have to follow the instructions given in the README.arm within
linphone's source.
Experimented with command line interface (Linphonec) that was worked fine
with mini2440 board.
GUI development was not completed. look the below forum message that was
posted under me.

It would be great that sombody can develop GUI as well for that board.

Nirav parikh

Nirav parikh