Audio reproduction quality on Mini2440

Josef Janda
I am thinking about using the Mini2440 for listening the internet radio
stream, eventually for listening MP3. Do you think that the audio output
has enough quality for playing music? Of course... I don't expect an HI-FI
system.. So if anybody have any experiences with music reproduction... 
Thanks for your answers!

I think it has AC97 decoder, should be HiFI ?! or not worse than a standard
MP3 player...

Juergen Beisert
Yes, sound is really okay. I did some tests here with mpg123 and an
amplifier connected to the line out.

yep, the sound in mini2440 is good ENOUGH to make sound :)
In my opinions, mp3 playing in mini2440 is worse than my computer or mp3
player. And i never use this board to enjoy music.

I use Mini2440 for listening internet radio stations and the sound is ok: I
connected the mini2440 audio out to my hi-fi system (AUX in).

Good listening!


Hi, what app do you use for internet radios ?

Thanks, VP