ActiveSync/WMDC doesn't work after a few days of use.

Hi to everyone.

When I have a fresh WinCE installation on a Mini2440 board, the conection
from PC to the board via Windows Mobile Device Center (the Vista/7
equivalent to ActiveSync) works flawlessly. However when I try to connect
to the board after a few days that the OS was installed and the board has
been in use, the connection is not established successfuly, despite in the
Device Manager is shown "Anchor USB EZ-Link Cable". I have the notion that
this happens when the board is in frequently used, but the WMDC connection
has not been used in several days as my development board wich I connect to
in daily basis doesn´t have this problem.

Finally I have to say this is not a hardware problem, because when the OS
is flashed again, the Windows Mobile Device Center connection can be done
again flawlessly.

Somebody have experimented this problem?

Thanks a lot.


Yes I have noticed this interestingly enough but have never sorted out a
solution apart from reflashing it as you've mentioned.

I've come to accept it as a "security feature" that stops others tampering
with the device after it's deployed.

If you do find an solution let me know.

My feeling was that it is to do with registry rot which seems to be a
general windows issue.  Maybe there's a key that can be reset to sort it

Has anyone else seen this and found a solution?

It is getting annoying that it happens often.

Anyone found a solution for that problem?