usb download driver-64 bit driver

hi, I couldn't operate usb connection of mini2440 to my pc.I use Windows 7
64 bit operating system so windows can't install usb download driver.   do
you know,if there is usb download driver for windows 7 64 bit operating
system? or how can I achieve this problem..

thanks in advance

Thomas J
I would like to know this too!

As far as i know all drivers for 64bit MUST be signed. Getting your driver
signed costs quite a bit, so few people are willing to do it. Thus you are
probably out of luck... :(

Thank you,

i too have 64 bit.
but i build my own driver and it was working fine.
i worte my own driver for linux.

do the same.


i am jesudoss.

i too faced the same problem.
but i build my own driver in linux for 64 bit.
thats it it is very simple.
get the source and compile in your pc or write your own

Guys, you should use the search fonction of this forum...

I wrote a tool that works under win7 x64:

Hello, this is my first post here. I liked very much my mini2440, but I
need that driver for x64, waiting for board administrator of to accept my registration.
And thanks in advance for the driver!
Need to put linux asap on my device :\

Hello guys,

site above is no longer "alive".
So, anybody solved this issue ? Is there any possibility to "talk" Windows
7 x64 with mini2440 via USB ?

Somebody please upload to a file sharing site.


Fabien's upload program works fine on my Windows 7 x64 laptop. Take a look
at his page...

Hey guys,

I'm activating all accounts, sorry for the delay.
I have to do this because of bots which are spamming the forum otherwise...

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem and I saw that a driver was write for Seven 64
bits. So I am waiting for validation of my account on the forum

Fabien could you please activate my account ?

Andrew Baxt
HI everybody
I am having the same problem.

Fabien could you help me as well, I have been waiting for weeks...

Thanks Andy

this one works

i was wondering is there any usb driver for mini6410 windows 7 64 bit?thank
you please let me know.

it is realy work.

OOH!! Thank you. Realy work.

Attachment: mini2440usbdriver_x64.rar (84.16 KB)
Hey Guys,

Here's some good news for all those of you who are using Windows 64-bit OS
(Win 7/XP).

I have attached an installer for the USB driver for use with DNW. I have
tested it on Win 7 Home Premium (64-bit). It installs and works perfectly!

So you can continue to use the same DNW utility as you did for the 32-bit

PS: I have not tested it on Win XP (64-bit) but I guess it should work

I would appreciate any feedback and issues with the driver on this forum.
Please post in the "Bootloader" section in any of the threads on USB
drivers for 64-bit OS threads.


Gautam Ghate

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Hey Guys,

Here are some screenshots of the 64-bit USB driver at work!

NOTE: The current installer installs the 64-bit driver only. I am working
on a combined installer for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the driver.
Should have it ready soon.


Gautam Ghate

Attachment: USB Driver-Installer-x64.jpg (68.58 KB)
Another pic. This time, the installer!

Gautam Ghate

Alex Moretti
unfortunately the driver did not work on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.
I tested it on two computers and both exhibited an exclamation mark in the
device manager.
What procedure you did for installation on windows?


Did you reboot and verify the installation?

Let me know if you still face the problem.


Alex Sandro Moretti
Attachment: Unsigned driver.png (33.4 KB)
I tried to install in many ways, and always I rebooted the windows.
Windows claims that the driver signature.
NOTE: I used insalador driver with default options
Attached I am sending a image windows


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the driver needs to be loaded in Test Mode
of Win 7. This is because Windows is strict about loading drivers that are
not signed by a *paid* digital signature. Our driver is signed with a
*test* certificate and hence disallowed in normal mode. This is normal
behaviour as defined in the Windows DDK documentation.

Take a look at the last post in this:

or try one of the methods in this:

to change Windows to Test Mode.

Make sure that Windows is running in "Test Mode" before installing. Do not
worry, this mode is fully functional. So there is no harm in running your
computer in Test Mode as long as you use this driver.

Hope that helps,


My antivirus didn't let me to use this driver. I guess this file infected
by virus.

I am facing the same prob in win7 64bit...i am using tiny6410 and i need
the usb driver for my pc.

@namnabat, @jub16:

Could you please post a screenshot of the problem? Could you reproduce the
exact error description? That would help identify the problem.

With great excitement and expectation I just tried to install it on Windows
XP 64bit which, as you know, does not have the strict certification
problems of later 64bit OS.

mini2440usbdriver_x64.exe 122420 bytes 03MAR13 00:11:57
MD5 = 42AD983672B356C92CFF956B97843E1B

I ran the exe and got a system dialog : "You do not have permission to
access this file". That is normally seen when permissions are wrong (they
aren't), the file is corrupt, or the AV has put a lock on it. I stopped the
AV and tried again with the same result.

Gave it another try by launching it from 64bit explorer rather than cmd.exe
(not sure if it is 32 or 64bit). Explorer threw up the error :
"mini2440usbdriver_x64.exe is not a valid Win32 applications".

I have downloaded it several times with the same result. What is that
.ndata section?. Is it a SFX thing of somekind?. if it is, I reckon it's
causing most people here problems. I would love to see a solution to this.
You can always install it with devcon from the DDK, I can help if you want.


Gautam - you say it needs Test Mode on Windows 7, so what is the there for?. If there is anything in that file except a single
line of text, it is normally code signing certificate. Is it one of those
test things?. If so, it will only work on your machine.


I am unable to successfully install Friendly ARM USB device driver to my
mini2440. My operating system is 32-bit Windows7. Please help me resolve
this issue

Iwan Nugraha
Hi, everyone

I newbie and i have the problem with usb driver for mini arm 2440. i am
using windows 8 64 bit on my PC.  If i using the usb to serial COM
converter i can connect using dnw but get and error 

Try to find SD card ..... not found.

Hello USB Loop

Can anyone give me the USB driver and solution for this?

I want install windows ce on my mini arm


Ferdynand Naczy324ski
Hey, I know it is a bit late, but still (for other people struggling

I've been downloading and trying to install x64 drivers from here and from
Downloads section with no luck. Windows was like, "there are no drivers in
this folder" when I tried to install them trough Device Manager.

What I have done was:

1. Plug both serial and USB cables
2. Wait for "Hello USB Loop"
3. Open device manager
4. Go to "Properties" of Unrecognised device
5. Got to "Details" tab
6. Open driver's inf file (secbulk64.inf) with notepad
7. Replace ClassGUID number with one that can be found in "Details" tab
(there were two of same length, trial and error method applies)
8. Find all VID and PID designations and change their numbers from
"Details" too
9. Save the file
10. Update driver, tell Windows You have the driver, and point it to folder
with modified driver.

Worked for me, and if it is the same case, You should get it working too.
However, in Windows 8 You also need to disable driver signature checking -
that's easy to find on the internet.

Dani Konoplya
Work on Windows 7 Ultimate 
1) download drivers from 
Gautam 2013-03-04 11:12:14 
Attachment: mini2440usbdriver_x64.rar (84.16 KB)
in previous post. 
Install it. 
2) install
here instructions of use after installation
3)Yon need find in device manager Unknown Device ->Properties ->Driver ->
Driver Details . Copy Path to driver . 
open dseo13b.exe previously downloaded 
a)Enable Test Mode 
b)Sign a System File
Paste Path to driver 
 Reboot Windows 7

Hi Dani,

You could also install the drivers as-is by disabling Driver Signature
Overriding in Win 7 .

To do this simply press F8 on boot up of Win 7. In the black screen choose
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement and boot into Win 7.

Note: This wsetting will work for the current Win 7 session only. If you
want to disable driver signature enforcement permanently, there are several
tutorials on the internet. Try googling for "Disabling Driver Signature
Enforcement for Win 7"

Good luck!


Theo Stockx
Hi Gautum,

I'm using the MICRO2440_LCD3.5 kit and I get the following error on the
installed USB driver for windows7, 64 bit: "The drivers for this device are
not installed. (Code 28)". To install the driver I used
FriendlyARM_USB-Download-Driver_x86.exe It has 2 subdirectories: driver_x86
and driver_x64, I imagine that the correct x64 directory will be selected.
I also see that the DNW.exe is rather old but I could not find a more
recent version: v0.50A dated 2008-06-06. The header line (with the
com-port, baudrate and the USB-port) shows some strange unreadable
characters but seams to work fine. When I power the SDK is reponds with
"#### FriendlyARM BIOS 2.0 for 2440 ####, and shows the choises [x] .. [i].
Formating the NAND Flash (command: x) also gives the expected result.
The USBport indication remains at [USBx], so no USB communication is
Can you help me out?

anyone have USB driver for windows 7 for 32 bit plz help???

Nagasai Boppudi
I installed the driver for windows 7 64 bit.But frequently it is showing
exclamation mark besides the driver name in the device manager,After a
numerous attempts i am able to connect but its a waste of time.Is there any
solution for this??

plz help me to download this file

Dave Burgess
I'm having trouble with the USB driver for this unit as well. I've
downloaded the "RAR" file from this thread and installed it, apparently
successfully. I'm using Windows-10 64-bit.

The problem for me is I can't find any of the software that one would use
to download/upload to the board anywhere.