Multiple Input Language BSP (Mini2440) Arabic , Farsi , persian

Hi, I have a Mini2440, WinCE 6 and a C# application. The user must be able
type in two language English/Farsi (or Arabic) with an USB connected
computer keyboard and it will be good if wince on-screen keyboard
available). The user could be able switch between two language by Alt+Shift
or Ctl+Shift like winXP,... 
Has anyone a BSP with multiple Input language or please help me to create
one by myself. 
I read these
but I can't successfully build wince runtime image for mini2440.
Many thanks in advance.

i think u must add Persian fonts in your OSDesign too.
see this


Thank's for the post !!

but I have a problem when I change the Keyboard Language !!

the problem is that my Keyboard is in AZERTY mode but After changing the
languqage it becomes QWERTY !!

how can I solve the broblem by adding a code who makes my Keyboard AZERTY ?

Thank you !

Masoud iLDEREMi
This can help users for using Persian/Arabic fonts in WinCE 5.0