How to install wince 5.0

Hi All,

I'm new here. I bought Samsung Arm-Arm920, this device very nice but
unfortunately it's in Chinese language. So how to replace with English


Cristiano Araujo
Witch one ? the mini2440/micro2440 ?
have you read the tutorials ? You can download the wince imagem ( 5.0 or
6.0 ) in english from

winCe 6.0 is in:

winCe 5.0 is in:

you should read something about put the image on the board:

good luck!

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Hello to all my dear friends, I bought a Gps Pioneer unit that I can not
use it, I deleted system files and the clear pioneer logo comes up, I just
can not actually use the device I
- Windows CE5.0 installation procedure was
Is there any possibility of making devices or not?
I'll be grateful guide

Hi All,
I want to install wince 5.0 on UHF RFID Reader (Model:MR6081A),how can i
install wince 5.0 on it??


Dragutin Stanojlovic
I want to install winCE 5.0 on Advantech ppc105t. pls tell mi how can I do.
I change the ssd from 64MB to 128MB. Thx

Can somebody help me figure out on how to reinstall this onto a gps?

you need a Windows CE Platform builder and probably Visual Studio to
compile and install WinCE on your ARM devices.
As for GPS navigators,it goes same - but the easiest way to make
reinstallation SD,from images available at GPS manufacturer - they're
created exactly for your models,so you can reinstall OS without too much

Click on "File Management" in the Windows Mobile Device Center main menu,
and then double-click your GPS system to open it in a new file browsing
window. Drag and drop the completed Windows CE installation file onto the
GPS device. When the file transfer is complete, disconnect your GPS device
from the USB cable.