Nokia drops Qt

It looks like Nokia is moving out of Qt and going
with Microsoft WP7. If you are developing Qt maybe it won't be
supported in the future.


How can you say "is moving out of Qt..."
Did someone in Nokia tell you this?    ;-)

Supported in the future...
you can say "developed" in the future. I've never had support from Nokia
(or Trolltech in the old days) for Qt.

I was worried like you, Phil, at the beginning when I read the notice. 
Qt is not ownership of Nokia only... Qt 4.7.1 is LGPL. If something bad
will happen in the future, well, KDE foundation will continue the work I

Ok, Ok this is my opinion, but I will wait a little bit more before saying
Qt is dead...

Take care

yo, guys,
there are news for Qt:

have a nice day,


Well there is a big debate about the future of Qt see But hopefully it
will not be terminal.
For me I have decided to quit doing anymore work on qt until things become
a little clearer. 

And zogzog your link had me convinced for a while, nice spoof website !!!

I understand what you mean. Let's wait and see...


Even I m hoping for Qt to be as strong as it is now in future, may be Nokia
would try and get Qt on windows. Letís see, but Qt is strong and will
remain so, but I am also excited about WP7.
Letís see what it brings for us developers, but I am pretty sure itís going
work for nokia as well as developers. At least we have choice to work on
one more OS (windows). And moreover, Rich Green in his speech said that
nokia has 75 million symbian devices in market and still to launch around
150 million more, so Qt still has a long way to go. I am positive about it.

Check this to see what other developers have to say:

Simon Doobey
Going with Windows as their platform of choice is really a bold move for
Nokia to make, though something that is quite expected considering the
lowly competition both companies are able to bring to the table separately.

I am not sure though if the people will be able to take that mindset toward
Nokia to be something more than their very first handphone or something to
relate to that.

MicroSoft Always ruin their competitors (such as Borland Delphi {even by
buying them}or with providing free products) .
We hate MS because of its bad background with unsatisfied products. They
because of their personal benefits, annoy all programmers around the world
with dirty closed codes. 

I do hope this opensource platform continue ...