A FriendlyARM technical course?

During the last two years, I saw an increasing request of information about
FriendlyARM board and Qt. I'm seriously thinking to prepare a technical
course to explain how to install the OS on the board, how to configure Qt
and develop applications, how to connect the board to several peripherals
and so on.

Before doing that, I would like to ask to the people of the forum, what
kind of information you think can be useful in this course and which
support do you think can be used (moodle, videos, tutorials..).

In other words, I can invest some of my time preparing the course, but I
need to know if someone is interested (if nobody is interested I will spend
my time doing something else... swimming, playing...;-)

Keep in touch!

Hello paolo,

I would be interested if you could prepare such a course.Videos and pdf
tutorials would both be helpful.I am sure that other users would also be
benifited by this.

The material could be something on the line of what you have explained.

You could also include a few  real world examples like how to develop a USB
test application and to port it ,

Hi Paolo.

This is a great idea. As non native english speaker, I would prefer if the
tutorial was writen, as follow the speach in the video can be fatiguing.

Thanks a lot.

Something like this?


Ciao Paolo,

Maybe this would also be useful for that purpose :


David L.


It's really important for me to know what is useful. 
You know, preparing a course means a lot of work and I need to be sure that
this work can help somebody.

Ok, I thank you guys for the feedback you sent me, it's extremely important
to know your opinion and I'm going to use this thread to collect ideas and
suggestions and post the current situation.

Keep in touch!


Start with all initiallization process, how to create an image and then
developing a project

Deepak Meti
Course should explain all the basic concepts in embedded system.It should
be helpful to layman aswell as experienced user also

Hi guys
I'm working on mini2440 for 7-8 days, the most important issue that I have
is a document which explain step by step phases of development on the board
and All tools in a package. 
I think the best course could be a pdf/video + a zip file include all
applications (dnw, Platform builder, BSPs ans so fourth)
it could have step by step structure for example:
1. Installation chapter:
  1.1 Install dnw (folder: Zipfile\dnw)
  1.2 Install Visual studio 2005 (folder: Zipfile\Visual Studio 2005)
  1.3 Install mini2440 SDK (folder: Zipfile\mini2440 SDK)
2. Customize OS Design
  2.1 Create New BSP
  2.2 Use existing BSP (form zipfile\BSP_WinCE6.0)
  2.x Lab 
3. Build OS Image
  3.1 Build introduction
  3.2 Build OS Design and create OS run-time image
  3.3 Build Issues and how to solve
  3.x Lab
4. Add A new Hardware
  4.1 How to add a new device to the device
  4.2 Developing driver for new new device
  4.x Lab Add rfid reader/writer to mini2440
I think a document about 50 pages would be a good course
Thanks in advance

Nice idea.
Thanks for  this index.

Concerning the zipfile, it's important to remember that some files can not
be included, because of copyright. For example, the Visual Studio is
copyrighted. Instead of including it, I think will be better to put a link
on Visual Studio Express page at Ms website.

I also agree, a 500 page course is too much. Too much for the writer... and
to much for the reader. 50 pages can be enough. Concerning video and other
multimedia files, at the moment I this some video tutorial on yutube can be
good. But this is a "second-step". First of all a tutorial from user to

I'm starting to prepare and index (please be patient, I'm doing this job in
my spare time...), then I post it on this forum so everyone can give

That's all for the moment.

Hi Paolo. Will you Tutorial be Windows or Linux?

Nice idea.

I think an 'open' wikipage would be an idea also. Based on your index, more
information can be added by anyone who want to.

On the current wiki (code.google.com/p/friendlyarm) i can not find where to
register. I had something to add for WinCE documentation. 


Andreas Watterott
> On the current wiki (code.google.com/p/friendlyarm) i can not find where 
> to register. I had something to add for WinCE documentation. 
If you want write access send me a short message:

Its planned to move the wiki from googlecode to this site and there will be
also a new forum. But it will take some time.


I can wait for the new place.

Also have good experience with MediaWiki. Same system being used by
Wikipedia.org. It is simple to setup, i guess 10 to 20 minutes for
configuration. PHP and multiple DB systems supported.

But probably not compatible with userdatabase over here.

Good evening (GMT+1: 20:00)


hi andreas

sorry paolo, bit offtopic

the best thing would be a forum with authentification,
and a wiki for all forum users with write access.

a very easy setup wiki is for example dokuwiki(the name say it all),
you donīt need a DB, everything is saved in textfiles.

i think wenn this board get a good wiki with a lot of nice infos/howtos
there will be not so much duplicate questions in the forum,
and a lot more people will use this board.

a lot of people take a look how good the online docu and community is,
bevore they buy a board.
the mini2440 howtos are destroyed on thousand of website, lot in
thailand/china/japan etc..,
and make it a bit difficult for the european users.

have a look at the foxboards wiki
something like that is wat the mini need!


Andreas Watterott

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have tested several wikis, cms and forums in the last weeks and my
current decision is Textpattern + FluxBB + DokuWiki. An example for this
combination is http://www.fluxbb.org


nice to hear that you want to switch to a better platform!

you could also have a look at Burning Board(http://www.woltlab.com/de/wbb/)
running under http://www.nagios-portal.org/wbb/index.php?page=Portal,
they also have a dokuwiki at http://www.nagios-wiki.de

dokuwiki i think is a good choise, easy to maintance and not overloaded for
the wiki we need here.

well, witch forum i thinks is just like what is better, debian,red hat,
suse etc..,
you must use that, what you feel comfortable with.

actually, fluxbb donīt support PM,Portal and Attachments,
i think that is things needed by a forum.

i know, not an easy dicision for the admin ;-)


Ok, thanks for the feedbacks.

I have to say at the moment I'm not thinking to a cms, a board, a wiki or
something like that. I'm sure someone will find the best solution to store
it and to show the info.

Since the beginning I discovered there is a huge amount of duplicated
information, but nevertheless, I receive always the same questions on the
contact page of my blog or in my mailbox.

I think there is a need of a clear installation procedure, as well as a
clear set of examples. Both for Linux and for WinCE. Ok, ok there are other
OS, like Android, but I'm not an expert about.

I start working on this tutorial and I'd like to publish it with creative
commons license. So far a lot of people wrote tutorials and examples on the
Net, but we still need a clear "knowledge base".

Keep in touch

Hi Paolo,

I was just going through forums and found this and i have the comments have
been written in month of February, i just wanted to know did you release
any material because it will be very helpful for beginners like us.

Thanks & Regards,

I have the theory knowledge of 8085, 8051 and PIC microcontrollers. I have
done projects on 8051 and PIC18F4550. I want to do projects on ARM9
mini2440 kit. I have gone through ARM chapters during my graduation. Do I
need to go through other basics before switching to ARM 9 directly if I am
going to do a practical course on ARM 9. Can you suggest me any book for
doing ARM9 projects (mini2440 projects) especially programming and the
software(creating project, compiling, downloading, etc..)

Please guide me w.r.t  the working platform (CE/Linux,etc.) also. I don't
know LINUX very well.The pros and cons of each platform and other info
which you feel important.
With Best Regards,

For mini2440 specific information you will find it "sprinkled" all around
the internet.  Some helpful books you will find in the Wiki page on this

There are companies that do generic Linux training, like Pengutronix.

Have a look around the TI site there are lots of tutorials published there,
that you can apply to the mini2440.


might help.

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