Install ucos2 to S3C2440 ARM9

Chau Tri Vu
I install by step by step but it fail, it just show white screen, not show
I press d to download 2440ucos_T35/N35.bin to board but it fail.
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Oh, Try your self, and u will see your self!
hix tui cung port chua dc, chi len cai man hinh iphone! het!

Toan dan truong minh tu suong tren nay :|

Eh what?

@AndreT: Have you ported uCos to mini2440 before, we do really need help.
This is the 1st time I port uCos to mini2440. Porting QT and winCE are
quite easy with DNW. One more, do we need linux installed to port uCOs ?

Narayanaraju Samunuri
please help me.. its urgent....
could some one tell how to port ucos-ii on friendly arm kit (S3c2440). 
if your know any links please provide...

Thanks and Regards
Narayana raju

Shahid riaz
Better u all try the dnw command (a) absolute user applications. And you
don't need any os installed. because UCos itself is complete os.

Shahid Riaz

Are you sure you mini2440 is equipped with N35 type of LCD? If not, that
might be an explanation!

Waqas Ahmad
Dear Shahid Riaz where are you from........?your email,contact info

andrés barré
f your rom is greater than 128, the image does not work, will have to
recompile the program

on file   " nand.c "   do this!

STATIC U32 NF8_CheckId(void)
  int i;
  U8 Mid, Did, DontCare, id4th;      

  for (i=0; i<100; i++);

  Mid     = NF_RDDATA8();
  Did       = NF_RDDATA8();
  DontCare   = NF_RDDATA8();
  id4th     = NF_RDDATA8();  

  switch(Did) {
  case 0x76:
    return 0;
  case 0xF1:
  case 0xD3:
    return 1;
          return 1;              //  <<  here
    Uart_SendString("Unknown NAND type\r\n");
  //  for(;;);


esto por que la memoria de 256 no es reconocida por el sistema de boot, asi
lo hacemos funcionar igual

andrés barré
this because the memory 256 is not recognized by the boot system, so we
make it work well

andrés barré
STATIC void __RdPage512(U8 *buf)

   unsigned i;
  for (i = 0; i < 1024; i++) {                //  512 x 1024 
    buf[i] =  NF_RDDATA8();


and this...

what is the sequence of porting ucos2

supervivi128, 2440_w35  is ok

what is the role of VGA1028*768