U-boot 2010-03

Dear all,

Does someone use tekkaman's u-boot version (available at
http://github.com/tekkamanninja/u-boot-2010.03-tekkaman) ?

I don't succeed in compiling the bootloader as I'm a newbie on that topic.
I tried 1.3.2 version of u-boot, but I can not use bigger SD MMC cards than
2Gb, when trying to use a 4Gb card, I get timeouts and card is not
detected. I tried a low price one, and a Class 4, Patriot branded one.

I have a 128Mb version of the mini and I'm looking for a suitable version
of u-boot to be able to use a 4Gb SD MMC card.

Can somebody help me, ore send me tekkaman's compiled u-boot version?


Hi all,

I finally managed to get this updated u-boot version. It is quite different
from the old 1.3.2 and now, my 4Gb SDHC card is working correctly. A
booting log is sent through COM port.

I'd like to remove tekkaman's comments and make the booting beep to be a
bit shorter but not enough time for the moment.

Here is the link for those who are interested


Just boot your mini2440 on NOR position, select 'a' option in supervivi and
then download u-boot.bin

Karel Hojdar
Could You, please, upload SDHC uboot to another site. Megaupload is down.

hi can you please update it in a different site, i am unable to access