Java on Mini6410?

I have checked the hardware detail of mini6410, and found it is more
powerful than mini2440. So I wonder if it is possible that a JVM could be
running on mini6410.

My present idea is installing Debian on mini6410, and the JamVM.

I hope to get any further information or discussion from you guys.

you should not need a JVM since the 6410 can run java bytecode natively.


Thanks for this information. I am new to this area. So I wonder if my
thought is right??

'ARM9 and ARM11 use the Jazelle technology to enable the execution of Java
bytecode without using the JVM'

So, there is another question, if there is no specific JVM needed for
Mini6410, what about the compatibility of this technique, I mean if I am
using JDK1.6 during my desktop development, will the code be executed
smoothly? Who will provide all the library (such like:
java.util.LinkedList;; etc) I am using in my project?

Look forward to your reply.

Does it means that is not needed to install any environment in the
Do i need to cross-compile the files I want to run??

I'm trying to run a HelloWorld code at the mini but I don't know how...
At my ubuntu I run:

joe@joe-lpt:/media/FRIENDLYARM$ javac 
joe@joe-lpt:/media/FRIENDLYARM$ java Main 
Hello World

But I really don't know how to run this at the mini... 

Hope you could make me this a bit clearer


As far as I know, the Jazelle technology is not a full java
interpreter/compiler on its own, but just kind of a hardware acceleration
technology for some particular java bytecodes, so you will definitely need
a JVM to run your java code either on the mini2440 or mini2640.

It's your choice to pay some royalties and use a Jazelle-enabled propietary
JVM or go for a free open source JVM as the JamVM you proposed. Information
throughout the web states that although the Jazelle enabled JVM will give
you smaller memory print and faster startup times, once statrted its
performance should be on par with a JIT enabled, free, open source JamVM or
CacaoVM based solution.

Also, take into consideration that JamVM is only the runtime part of a JVM,
you will also need the core class library implementation to have a fully
working JVM. GNU classpath can provide that for you and will work
seamlessly either with JamVM or CacaoVM.

If you hace enough free RAM (you should) and you don't need extremely fast
startup times, I think your best bet would be a JamVM+GNU classpath

I hope you find this information usefull.

Best regards.

I don't have a mini6410, but on mini2440, I'm using JamVM and Classpath.
You can download emdebian deb package there :