How to start with mini 2440

Hello everyone,
     i new to embedded linux and i have purchased mini 2440 board and
really interested in learning embedded linux, i have experience on
programming on controllers but hav no exp on processors. Can anyone plz
guide me through, how to start with embedded linux (i mean any text,
tutorials....). plz help me..

First install a toolchain to build crosscompile tool
Run you program on board, with friendlyarm image
Download Kernel, and re-build it
Using emdedian
Create your Linux From Scratch system, or use buildroot make system helper.
After you can improve or create your own driver.
For finding help look in this forum or type mini2220 in google, good luck

Is there any document or material that gives the step by step process for
working on i am new to linux and knw basics of it.


  What is it that you are trying to do with embedded linux? Maybe the group
could shine a light in a certain direction.

  We try to help each other as much as possible. And are more than willing
to help you. Help us help you.


And click on this link

Excellent book on building embedded linux systems

well i am interested in learning embedded linux and dono how to start with,
and have loaded uboot on mini2440 after lot of trouble, now i am trying to
write some applications on it.. can anyone guide me the path to start or ny
tutorials availabe.. thanking you in advance.

Well, have you started reading the book?  There is a lot to get your head

So, you have u-boot in NOR.  If you are going to use embedded Linux then
the next step is get a kernel and rootfs into NAND. See for this process.

Which board do you have?  Which host Linux platform?  Do you know how to
use Eclipse or CodeBlocks or do want to work from the command line.

Thanks dave for ur reply,
Yes i have started with book-building embedded linux system. 
I have mini 2440 with 1GB Nand Flash and 3.5" LCD.

Currently i am trying to port kernel and rootfs image through windows using
tftpfd32 software. i have fedora installed on my laptop. I have no idea on
Eclipse or codeblocks.. can you plz suggest me on how should i start n the
path to.

Currently i am trying to port kernel and rootfs image through windows using
tftpfd32 software.

I think you mean <load> rather than <port>.  Is DNW not suitable?

You end up doing so much command line stuff that I think it would be easier
and quickly to learn how to compile your C code just using commands.  When
you get tired of putting in commands repetitively write yourself a shell

Any time I want to compile an application I just write a shell script as
compilations never work the first time.  In fact some of them need so much
mucking around I would have given up long ago, if I had to type the command
lines each time.

Someone else will have to contribute here as all my C development is on
8bit platforms, without an OS.  I only did one small program using
CodeBlocks and some Python develpement on Eclipse.  I think there is a
larger user community around Eclipse.

Good luck,

I do have DNW, which i am using for serial (RS-232) for load kernal, and
for loading image n rootfs i am using tftp as the kernal is programmed to
config. to load with tftp only (given in a read me file that came along
with the dvd).


Which kernel are you using?  Have you modified it?

Could the readme file be saying, "you can also use tftp".

What happens when you use DNW to load the rootfs?


uboot is d kernal, i have not modified the it. In read me file it say to
load kernel n rootfs with tftp only..


I am new to Embedded Linux and decided to start learning Embedded Linux
with MINI2440 Kit.
Please help me from where should i start.
I want to learn playing with qemu before purchasing MINI2440.
I don't have a knowledge of Linux also.

Please help me from where should i start.

Hello to all,

I am new to Mini2440. I would like to create my own application and be able
to run it under the already installed Qtopia on the Mini2440. 
For example, like the A/D Convert app. 
What software tools do I need? Can I do that under Windows 7.
Would I be able to access the peripherals of the microcotroller, I2C. ISP,

Thanks in advance for your time.


 iam new to mini2440..i would like to start working on it...but iam not
understanding which softwares do i need to install.....and can i use
mini2440 kit without os?



Yes you can work with mini 2440 without any OS.
Note: I am talking about compiling the WLAN driver for no os.

And if you want to work with embedded linux, follow this tutorial:

iam working on mini2440 +3.5" lcd.i have installed supervivi and kernel as
mentioned in the video but the
problem is the qtopia image is oriented in vertically but it should be
horizontal.this is wasting my screen space and some of the display is not
visible.please help me in correcting this

Prabhakaran Dharmarajan
Hi to all

I am a new comer for this forum, and also new to embedded linux i have a
experience in microcontroller programming, i am really interesting to learn
embedded linux.. but i dont know how to start with it... but i bought one
mini 2440 before one month. Please help me to learn....



Prabhakaran Dharmarajan

What are the basic things  i need to study?..... 



Depends on how deep you want to go.  Do you want to learn about how to use
the operating system to display stuff (GUI) and control stuff (GPIO, ADC
etc) or ?

After years of microcontroller programming (C) I found it a real struggle
getting the mini2440 to do some of the jobs that seemed to be so easy on a
ATmega32.  After learning how to get SPI to work on the mini2440 I decided
that a plug-in board (a Teensy-clone, from Adafruit) for GPIO, ADC and SPI
was just so comfortable.

On the other hand getting a web server running on the ATmega88 was a real
chore compared with "ticking the right boxes in the Pengutronix BSP" and
letting it build a system for you.

So, do you want to learn to build Linux and your own root filesystem from
scratch or would you be happy letting a BSP do the heavy lifting for you?

There are some books linked here

There are lots of tutorials out there, have a google and get back with
further questions.


Prabhakaran Dharmarajan

Dear friends ,
I want to write an application in which Iím going to interface a camera to
friendly arm what ever the  live video is displaying in the friendly arm
though this cam that I want to display in my computer web browser . 

Can some one please tell me how do i sart the programming with.  In
friendly arm i have seen people programming by using com port (putty) and
Qt .I really don't know how to start with this .

Thank you

I would suggest that you start a new thread as you want to solve a specific
task which is not really related to this thread.

sorry i din get what is new thread meaning .

I should have said click on New Topic in the Linux forum.  I assume you
want to do this in Linux.

You want to do something quite different then the issue addressed in this
quite general topic.  So to get better exposure start a new topic (thread).


Camera output across Ethernet

hi everyone,
i have problem with installing usbpush on my ubuntu 12.10 64bit machine.
how to install it, by which i can port supervivi,zImage and rootfs images
on to the mini2440..

i know porting through DNW tool but i want to port through usbpush..

i already installed libusb tools, in ubuntu software center on my pc
showing its already installed but while porting it is showing 

usbpush: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory.

how to get these ....
or tell me usbpush installation procedure or link to follow..
or any other software to port thru linux...

plz help me....  thanks in advance..

I am new to linux and mini2440. My PC is a dual boot with WinXP and Ubuntu
on different drives. when I try to communicate with mini2440 from XP using
DNW given in CD, It detects the serial but usb shows USB:x. Not able to
communicate from Linux due to lack of knowledge. Pls help...

Sandeep Sondagar

Which bootloader is on your NOR? is it Superboot or Supervivi?
If you have Purchased board recently, then it may have Superboot.
I am unable to use DNW on my boards with superboot. It works with
if you have supperboot then you can flash mini2440 using SD Card or using
USB with MiniTools.

While booting from NOR, it does not enter into the boot menu. It get stuck
in USB loop. Asking for SD card.
 What is the way to access the card from Ubuntu?

Sandeep Sondagar
Your board has superboot on NOR, So it will not work with DNW.

You can either flash using SD card or you need to use MiniTools for
flashing via USB cable.

Try to search for "Superboot" on this forum.

Renato Aloi
Good to know that FriendlyARM team did not stop working! DNW gives me
headache! Must care about support foruns now, as I see... Many people
willing to contribute and the forum fails on resources... No login, no
html, no links, no watching topics... No trending topics... Community can
contribute too!
PS: Good anti-robot, though!
Renato Aloi

Sandeep Sondagar
Totally agree, Renato Aloi.

There is(was) good forum "", but it is inactive
since ages.

You forgot to mention one thing "Superb Hardware".

Renato Aloi
I knew it someone told me about billforums! Thanks!

I think it is inactive indeed. I could not find register form...

Superb Hardware indeed! This NOR/NAND approach is great!

I have installed Minitools in windows and it detects my board in NOR mode.
As my board is preloaded with Linux, can I transfer c programs compiled
with gcc using this tool?

I am trying to install the gcc compiler as described in the manual with
following command from ubuntu

 ubuntu:~/Downloads/tarfiles/gcc$ sudo tar xfvz

but the following error comes 

tar (child): arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3.tar.gz-C/: Cannot open: No such file or
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now 
tar: Child returned status 2 
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

How to install the cross compiler also how to access the board from Ubuntu
using USB??
Pls help............

Sandeep Sondagar

You can not transfer your cross-compiled program using MiniTool.
You can use SD Card (/sdcard/ on Mini2440) or using Pen Drive (/udisk/ on

Use, "sudo tar xvzf arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3.tar.gz -C/" 
You are missig SPACE.

Have a Look at here:-

You can Not access for from Ubuntu using USB (of Mini2440). You can use
Serial port CON1 of mini2440 to login to Mini2440.

>>"Pls help............".
If you don't want to help yourself than no one can help you.
Please search on Google and this forum. All these basics are already

Hi Sandeep
Thanks for your suggestion. I find the following file in the CD. What is


Sandeep Sondagar


Sandeep Sondagar
This is MiniTools which runs on Linux Host.

Hoew to install it in linux? I think using this  I can download my cross
compiled program into mini2440. isn't it?

Hello everyone

i just by mini2440 and i am trying to install kernel and qtopia in it. but
whenever i interface the mini2440 to computer by serial console and
usb(host) and try to connect it by dnw it shows "can't receive the data
from usbd" i try the different ports of the computer to. what should i do??
and i try to download Qtopia from but unable to find it
please send me the link also.
thank you

You are using a RS232 to USB converter?  Are you running Linux?  If so
lsusb should tell you if you are talking with this converter.

You have checked the download server at the bottom of the downloads page?

this is the latest zimage . you can download to try again.

dave i am using windowsXP and windows7 and i am not using RS232 to usb
converter i directly connect the serial console to the computer(CPU).
sir i read the previous comment and i have a new mini2440 may be because of
that i am not able to write any data in it but when i instal minitool but
in this all the things are written in chinese and i am not able to
understand it. i tried "dnw v0.50A  ONEAEO..." in this in "usbport>Backup
NandFlash to file " in this what we have to do. i know very less about
these things if possible plese send some link where i can study about this.

thank you

> i have a new mini2440

Ah, I seem to recall some recent threads about the issues you are facing.  
Sorry, I have units that are 3-4 years old and I have no experience with
current product.

Good luck!

hello everyone,
pls guide me through this..
i have put my mini2440 in nor flash.. currntly i m using ubuntu as the os
of my lappy.. when i try to boot linux mini tools on boars it shows nothing
but a blank screen..
now how to go ahead?

Sunny Leone
Dear Pooja,

Contact me at .


If you board is the latest one, it contains superboot loader which works
through SD card try to convert superboot to supervivi which shows the 
screen with options to load softwares

Hi Guys,

I am new to mini2440.I am using ubuntu in ay lappi.I have compiled the
kernel and u-boot for mini2440.Now I want to port my u-boot and kernel on
board.But I am not getting any user guide showing steps for writing images
on nand and preparing SD card for booting.Second thing which filesystem I
have to use rootfs_qtopia_qt4-20140103.tar.gz or
rootfs_rtm_2440.tgz ?I got these rfs in CD under Linux directory?

Please tell how to build kernel for nand and how to write images on nand.I
am asking for commands.


Think this should give you the general idea.

Also, Google for <mini2440vietnam> he has lots of tutorials.

Also, there should be some specific tutorials around the greater WWW to use
the FriendlyArm specific distros.  Check out Utube.

I believe those images are for a JFFS2 root filesystem.

Hi guys,

Plz help me on selecting the file-system.Inside the DVD that came along
with the box have two rfs  rootfs_qtopia_qt4-20140103.tar.gz or
rootfs_rtm_2440.tgz inside Linux directory.Which one I have to use.

For booting from nand how I will mount the file-system ? For writing images
on nand should I need some utilities ?


Is this a new mini2440?  You are going to have to find some docs, otherwise
it will be a loooooong painful process getting setup.

Try rootfs_qtopia_qt4-20140103.tar.gz extract it and have a look inside.

Bootloader takes care of mounting the filesystem.

DNW running on a Windows machine use to take care of putting the info onto
the mini2440 via USB.

rootfs_rtm_2440.tgz is crippled system version. You should use
rootfs_qtopia_qt4-20140103.tar.gz . If you want to debug your system or
program , you can use rootfs_rtm_2440.tgz.

Can anybody tell how to install minicom/picocom in linux to access the
mini2440 terminal.


sudo apt-get install minicom


minicom -s

to set it to 115200, 8N1

and correct tty... depending on how you connect to the mini2440 (RS232 or
USB to RS232 converter)

First , you have to ues direct serial line .When installed minicom , you
can use command #minicom , then you can use minicom . 
If your computer have RS232, you ues RS232,if not , you can use USB to

for working with friendly arm which device i can choose it for working..
the keil mdk doesn't has s3c2440.

I have installed minicom and can run it. But it only displays the boot
process of mini2440. I cannot enter into the terminal of it. It gives a one
way communication taking no keyboard entry. Any solution?

I am using the PCI serial port ttyS5

Tell us how you have set up minicom.

I have installed minicom first. then started minicom, from its dialog box,
selected'O' for setting change and there I changed the port tty8 to ttyS5,
which is my PCI port.  It is communicating as I can see the ARM booting,
but not able to enter into the console.

I imagine you set the baudrate up correctly and the other parameters.  How
about flow control?

Maybe, try a USB to serial adapter and set the port correctly.

I don't know what a PCI port is.  How do you connect the host to the

hello just start linux plz help me .

Abhishek Ekhare
Even i just started with Linux +  FriendlyARM Mini 2440.
I have referred the following link for initial set up and it is pretty

Go through...