Fonts too small on 3.5" LCD?

I'm having a problem with fonts being too tiny to read under Linux. The
distro I'm using is Debian, and it boots up correctly, but the fonts are so
tiny when the login prompt appears on the LCD or Xorg & IceWM, I can't read
what it says - it's like dots or something very tiny.

Can anyone suggest a fix or what to do with it (eg. use a command to set
the correct fonts, etc)? Qtopia Distro that came with it had no problems...


I also think the font is really small, I think it can be set before
compiling the kernel, see this page:


But it would be nice if it could be done without recompiling, so if someone
knows how, please inform!

Good news!

I fixed the problem reading this web:

The problem is an error in xorg.conf

In section "Monitor"

Displaysize is definded as 240x320, but that size is supposed to be in mm
not pixels

So with 240x320 you are telling the display that you have a very big screen
and it downsizes the fonts accordingly.

I set it to 55x75 and it's very readable now, maybe you will want to
increase the number for slightly smaller fonts.

Now I have a fully working Arora web browser, with all bars hidden so I
boot directly to it (only Arora as the xsessionrc command)