Mini 6410

Hi all,

I'm playing with my new Mini 6410 Board and I was wondering if there is
someone interested in exchanging information and experiences about it.

I had a look over the Net but I haven't found too much, so I decided to
open a page on my blog to put the info I discover.

The URL is:

So far, I see on the forum there are not many posts, but I think it's only
a matter of time, the new board has a lot of interesting features and comes
with Qt 4.6.1 already installed.

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Patrick Leith
Did you have the time to try Wince on it ?
What size of lcd screen are you using for now ?
And does the performance of the graphics is better ?

thanks in advance


Yes I tried WinCE 6.0 and it seems to be quick enough, but so far I did not
test it heavily (usign Win Ce)
The screen I'm using now is 4.3", but I'm planning to use the screen of my
old 2440 board (7")
Qt graphics performance are better and the same for the video samples
provided with the board. But I want to perform the test with the 7" touch
I'm going to test it a lot during my summer holiday... and I put some video
on my YouTube channel.


I received a mini6410 board and 7" display a little while back, but only
recently got serious about working with it.  It turns out that the board I
received came preloaded with a display configuration for a 4.3 display.  On
booting the board/LCD combination, I could not read anything.  After some
thought, I attached a 4.3 display from a mini2440 purchased earlier.  It
almost worked, some icons were visible and the Qtopia layout was visible on
th upper 3/4 of the display.  Still not much use, obviously incorrect

Rather than attempting to reset the display manually, I decided to set up
an OE environment on an Ubuntu 10.4 laptop and do a complete build for the
mini26410 as I intended to begin with.

I have a complete setup working to do OE bitbakes for the mini2440. But
nowhere can I find a suitable recipe for the mini26410, the Samsung
S3C6410, or any recognizable derivative.  And I do not know enough to
derive it on my own from the Samsung manual. 

If anyone can offer any suggestions, they would be appreciated.  If not
that, if someone could suggest suitable parameters for the display, that
would be helpful, too.



do you use windows ce? how is it? which compiler and debugger do you use?

I am new to Embedded Linux .I have got Tini6410 Board .How to start QT
development with Tini6410 .Whether i required to load QT in Board? Plz help
me in this.The manual i got for this QT purpose is in chinese plz provide
me a English Document.

Friends, I want to purchase a Mini 6410 board with VGA - without TFT. Can I
connect this 6410 board to a 18" LCD/LED monitor with VGA port to watch
what is going on ?. In addition, I want to connect a USB keyboard and USB
mouse to 6410 board to operate by keyboard/mouse just like Beagleboard-xM.
Is this possible ?

I have one more doubt. In a website I have seen the tag of the board as -
"Mini6410 + 4.3" LCD Touch Screen Android2.3 533MHz S3C6410 256M RAM + 256M
NAND Flash ARM11 Development Board". Does it mean that we can run only
"Android2.3" on the board and nothing else ! I mean, Ubuntu and WinCE is
not possible to run on the board ?

There is this on the products page:

You would need to check that there is a version of the kernel that supports
VGA for the mini6410.  There is for the mini2440.

USB: 1x USB-A Host 1.1, 1x miniUSB Slave/OTG 2.0

I mean, Ubuntu and WinCE is
not possible to run on the board ?

You can run many operating system on it, perhaps that unit comes with
Android 2.3 already installed.

There are many threads on the forum about the mini6410 using the different
operating systems.


10 pages of "mini6410 ubuntu"

Happy reading!


 I have Tiny6410 board.i need to plot a waveform in the display using qt or
any other application.can u suggest?.Qt if i use what are all things i need
to install in my host pc and board.I am using Fedora17.please give me
steps.As per link " " i did but could
not see qt development tool anything on Fedora17.My board having qt
installed. How to go about atleast pls give me some examples so that i can
do my work. Any help will be greatly appreciated