How to do with Keil 4

Rohit Butala

I want to work on mini2440 with out OS. I am using Keil 4 as a compiler.
But It is required to down load .bin to the board & keil 4 is giving .hex
file. I also tried (simple led flashing program) to generate .bin file from
.axf file & also from .hex file. But that didn't work. 

Can anybody suggest me the proper solution?


fromelf.exe --bin -o @p.bin output/@p.axf write to "run user program after
build" on user section

Rohit Butala
thanx kemalony

How to debug with Keil 4 ?
On Keil 3 I defined in Project->Options->"Debug" tab I chose "RDI Interface
driver" and H-JTAG server.

In Keil 4 this option is absent.

What to do?

Lemik - look in H-JTAG (V.1. or later) folder and run ToolConf.exe. It will
edit your TOOLS.INI and you will now be able to choose "H-JTAG" for Debug.

ARM are gradually removing RDI, and it has already completey gone from
their larger RVDS suite and remains at the moment only in the cheaper Keil
tool suite.


hello friends.
i m a little new to this processor.
i have been working mostly on processor with built in ram & rom.
i have worked on arm7 in keil & have been successful.

since this processor has external rom & ram, i m little confused.
i have this module with 64mb sdram & 1gb of nand flash.

i am trying to setup keil uvision4 for it but i m kinda finding it
diificult. actually i want know details on setting up rom & ram details
in the target option.(address setup for nand flash & sdram)

so can u guys help me out or atleast if u have an keil project can u guys
send it me or upload it somewhere from which i can download?

i wud really appriciate it
thanx n regards

Hello naqsh!

I have a same type kit that you. And have the same doubt that you! :)

If you found some information, please tell me, and if i found, I can also
inform you.

Raj Kumar
Hello all,

I am very new to KEIL 4. I am using Keil 4 as a simulator. I am creating a
project with .obj files and I am able to get the output on UART#1 window on
debugging aslong as the .obj files are very small but if the .obj file is
slightly bigger on and the project runs for more than 15 seconds the output
is being replaced with the new one making my output useless. Can any one
kindly help me in this regard by suggesting how I can increase the size of
UART window or redirect the output to a notepad which can increase the size
of it automatically.

Is it an evaluation or full version?

Raj Kumar
Hello davef,

Its a licensed version for 1 year.
I tried it on evaluation version also but I can not build slightly bigger
.obj files as we have code size limitation.

Licensed . . . then talk to the Keil support people.  That's what you are
paying for:)

Hello all , 
I have a mini6410 (target = s3c64101A) which compiler can be used to
compile a code and generate the bin file. 
keil 4 only has s3c2440A . 

thanks in advance.

In fact, any arm compiler. Keil will do

Not able to open .obj file in uvision4. Why?

Nagasai Boppudi
In the device database in keil uvision4 i could see the processor S3C2440A
but when i create a project and try to assign the target,I couldnt see the
same processor in the list.What might be the problem??