How to recover lost messages from Htc

Usually losing text messages on Htc accidently or lost suddenly due to
unknown reasons always make you mad. So, the solutions about Htc data
recovery  or Andorid data recovery are discussed on various forums. The
third-party professional and easy-to-operate Android recovery software ,
which can help users get back the lost text messages effectively on Android
Three recovery modes  to restore lost messages from Htc
1, Recover lost messages from Htc directly
2, Recover lost messages from Andorid phone by scanning SD card ,Memory ,
3: Recover messages from backup files,
The useful guide help user recover deleted text messages  on Android  (Htc
)with recovery tool
First of all, the user need to download  and install it on the computer.
1, connect the Htc with computer via USB cable link and run recovery app. 

2, Start scanning on the Htc device by clicking "Start" and selecting
"Messages" category.
3, after scanning, all the text messages will be listed on the "Message"
4,Start to recover text messages on Htc

To recover lost messages from htc without backup, first we need make sure
all lost messages won't be overwritten by new data. Then you can use a pro
HTC data recovery software to get the lost messages back.

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Thanks for sharing! It's very useful!

Tilly Lord
I am facing the same problem while I make use of any wifi behind my library
of dissertation as I have a galaxy s4.
I recently moved some texts into the vault app. All I wanted to do was hide
those particular messages, but now any texts I exchange with that person
automatically go to the vault. How can I fix it so I can text this contact
regularly again?